Browserism 2.2.1 for Mac 激活版 – 轻松切换默认浏览器

Browserism 2.2.1 for Mac 激活版 – 轻松切换默认浏览器

Browserism是一个小应用程序,可以帮助你快速切换Mac的默认Web浏览器。支持Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Tor等等,您最多可以添加4个额外的浏览器同时快速的切换。 [Browserism 在Mac App Store上售价人民币12元] Browserism 2.2.1 for Mac 介绍 Browserism is a little app that helps you quickly switch your Mac's default web browser. Out of the box it supports Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. You can add up to 4 additional browsers as well. Use a different browser at work than you do at home? Browserism can schedule your work browser to activate at 9:00 AM and your personal browser to active at 5:00 PM (or whatever your work schedule is). Any time you have a need to switch your default browser, Browserism is the quickest and easiest way to do it. No more looking for hidden or hard-to-find settings and menus! Browserism supports OS X Yosemite's dark mode, and Retina displays. Browserism 2.2.1 for Mac 下载
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  • 小翼
    2020-07-08 07:15

    Browserism 2.3.1 破解版 Mac 将各家浏览器玩弄于手掌之中浏览器辅助工具

  • 老早兄
    2020-03-26 23:31

    Browserism 2.2.1 破解版 Mac 将各家浏览器玩弄于手掌之中浏览器辅助工具破解版本

  • 哼哼唧唧
    2020-06-16 18:57

    Browserism review: quickly switch between browsers on Mac

  • 风之翼
    2020-03-06 04:37

    Browserism:将各家浏览器玩弄于手掌之中 – Mac玩儿法 | Mac软件下载 | Mac软件推荐

  • 何何何
    2020-05-26 09:12

    Browserism:将各家浏览器玩弄于手掌之中 有许多朋友的 Mac 上不止装了 Safari 浏览器,由于工作、娱乐或者其他需求,Chrome,Firefox 都是我们桌面的常客,可是你有没有遇到总是来回切换默认浏览器的场景…