BrowserFreedom for Mac 1.4.1 破解版 – 指定不同浏览器打开网页浏览内容

BrowserFreedom for Mac 1.4.1 破解版 – 指定不同浏览器打开网页浏览内容
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BrowserFreedom for Mac 1.4.1 介绍
If you are one of those people who use multiple web browsers on your Mac, you are going to love BrowserFreedom.
BrowserFreedom sits in between your links and the web browsers installed on your Mac.
You can define rules to always open certain websites on a specific browser. Maybe you like to use Safari as your default browser but want YouTube to always open in Chrome. Or maybe you want to always open links clicked within an app on a specific browser, you can do that too.
With fast default browser switching, you can quickly switch your Mac’s default browser with a user-defined global shortcut. And if you see a link and want to choose the browser to open It, just option-click to pop up the browser selection menu.
So stop copying and pasting URLs and let BrowserFreedom help you.
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  • 有道影视
    2020-07-08 17:57

    BrowserFreedom 1.4.1 破解版 Mac 用指定浏览器客户端打开指定网址破解版

  • 倔强的小强
    2020-05-21 03:37

    BrowserFreedom for Mac 1.3 激活版 - 用指定浏览器客户端打开指定网址 | 这是一款Mac平台的可以用指定浏览器客户端打开指定网址的工具,只需要预先设定好那个网址用哪个浏览器打开,那么下载打开预先设定好规则的网址的时候,就会用预先设定好的...

  • 桂子乖宝宝
    2020-08-01 03:27

    BrowserFreedom 1.3 Mac 新款 Web 浏览器软件破解版